I came across the following this week and I really liked it.  I'm not guilty of all 10 of these but there are a few that stick out for me.  Number 2 actually made me laugh, I have given up trying to make my family understand what I do or why.  Number 1 is the one I really need to work on, I think it's normal but I find myself looking at everyone's work while we paint in class and during open studios, I walk around and look in on everyone else. Sometimes for inspiration and sometimes to see how I compare.  So I'm working on it. 


Yesterday I spent 8 full hours in the studio.  Some days are frustrating and I really question myself, other days the creative juices are flowing and I lose all sense of time and end up covered in paint.  Yesterday had a little bit of both and it was wonderful. No matter what, ALL the time I know and feel that when I am painting, I am the me I was meant to be. 

AuthorSonya Cuellar