Artist Statement


My paintings can best be described as non-objective and abstract; bold or serene. They reflect my emotions, somber or joyous, each inspired by light and how it transforms common objects, such as a fold of cloth, a person's face, or a creation of nature.  I am inspired by bright, bold colors that draw from my Mexican/American heritage.  Most of my art is acrylic on canvas but I occasionally use oils, newspaper, spray paint and other materials.  I start with a singular vision in mind and let the canvas carry the message.  The powerful connection of heritage links the canvas, the colors, and my feelings. The vision evolves in tandem with the development of the piece, reaching the moment when I know it's complete.   Once the last brush stroke is applied each piece carries a part of me with it.   

I love that my art will be shared with others who, when they see it, will feel some of the same connections that I have with the piece and yet will have different connections based on their own experiences.  In a sense the art expresses uniqueness about the collector as much as the artist and the shared emotion when first seeing or painting the piece.

I seek to create work that is both inspiring and meaningful, with the hope that I can share my passion with many people for years to come.